Hi Cheryl,

Raya and I thank you for your true professional work and this would not have been accomplished without you.

We are excited and looking forward to work through the process and getting things done so the new location can be opened for business.

We would love to see you and to thank you in person.

Chag Pesach Sameach

Best regards,

Al Hashimi, Dr. Raya Fatah Dentistry Professional Corporation

Hello Cheryl,

On behalf of my colleagues and I, we also wish you a great year! This is a very exciting time for us and we are looking forward to set up our clinic. It's been a real pleasure to collaborate with you on this project. I truly appreciated your diligence and pro activeness.

Patricia – Office Space

When I think of Cheryl and her team from CLV Realty Brokerage one word comes to mind: success. Working with her, it was obvious to me that this success lies in her commitment to her clients and her thorough understanding of their requirements. What differentiates Cheryl is her ability to get deals done. She can put the pieces together so everybody wins—a critical skill in this business.

Taylor Hunter | Principal | Inside Edge Properties

"The elements of a real estate purchase most important to me were all fulfilled by Dave McGahan. He was always available, very informed as to the market, moved quickly when needed and never once did I hear "Can't
do it! "

Denis Potvin, Hockey Hall of Fame Member

A big thank you for your work in helping Corina find her new home! We really benefited from your knowledge of the market and the way you dealt with us. We know who to hire on our next purchase and/or sale – Tracy!!

Bob J.

Dave McGahan - A note of appreciation for the first class professional relationship I have enjoyed with you over the past several years.
Your assistance in building my portfolio of revenue properties put me into very advantageous situations that I know I could not have accomplished any other way. When events made it necessary for me to liquidate our holdings, your professional advice and marketing of our properties was successful both in timing and pricing. As a result of your fine work, we are now in a position to deal with the events we must with a substantial financial base to work from that we otherwise would not have had.

When we left Ottawa, I was confident that we could continue to hold our revenue properties there, in no small measure because I had learned to have such high confidence in your counsel. Were it not for the health issues that arose after we left, I have no doubt we would have continued our successful relationship.

I thank you for the professionalism you have shown in all of our dealings. The honesty and integrity you possess is a major asset for you in establishing trust with clients. Your energetic and creative help, both in acquiring and disposing of properties for me, has been a real

I have received very significant financial benefit through our relationship, Dave, as well as a great deal of personal, relationship benefit.
I thank you for it all, and I know you will bestow the same benefits to your other clients.

Peter Findlay