From Real Estate to Research Lab

Cheryl X cancer research

Cheryl, CLV Groups Broker is an active member of the Canadian Cancer Society. From being a survivor herself and her yearly participation in Ottawa’s Run For The Cure.


Cheryl was invited to a small private tour of the top manufacturing cancer research lab in Canada located at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Innovation Centre. At the lab Cheryl met with Dr. Carolina Ilkow, who explained that herself and her team of researchers collaborate on engineering Therapeutic viruses that replicate and kill cancer cells thereby rendering them oncolytic (onco=tumor, lytic=killing)


This specialized cancer research facility manufactures oncolytic viruses to target and treat different types of aggressive cancers through Immunotherapy. Cheryl had the opportunity to walk through a dozen research stations seeing what each researcher specifically works on with tumors and viruses.


“I’m grateful to have had the privilege of seeing where all of the fundraising dollars raised through the Canadian Cancer Society’s ,CIBC Run or the Cure gets allocated to this incredible research facility. Thank you CLV REALTY CORP for your generosity every year in helping me raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society and to everyone who has supported me over the years.” – Cheryl expressing her gratitude.


We are grateful to have Cheryl on our team and supporting our community.