Running For The Cure: Featuring CLV Realty’s Cheryl Kardish-Levitan

Cheryl- RFTC

Cheryl is a mother, daughter, grandmother, a wife, a friend and a colleague. She is also a cancer survivor.


In 2000, Cheryl was running the national capital marathon for the 20th time and suddenly she had to stop due to fatigue. For those of you that know Cheryl, this was very abnormal for her to give up during a race. Cheryl knew something was wrong, so she called herdoctor the next day and got a mammogram done. Cheryl was assured not to worry, as this was a standard practice. Despite this, it was found to be a malignant tumor and she was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 26th 2000. Her surgery wasscheduled for August 2nd 2000 in the hopes that she could recover to run a 5K in October for Run For The Cure. Once she crossed that finish line after the Run for the Cure, Cheryl was overcome with emotion and decided to combine both her passion for running with raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.


Now, Cheryl is a part of a team called “Just Doing It” which has been the top fundraising team for 20 years. “I truly appreciate the support and am so very grateful to be a part of raising funds for this worthy cause” Cheryl told us. These funds have made such an impact on the reduction of mortality rates, new therapies, treatments, and the overall quality of life of survivors and those who continue fighting.


Aside from Cheryl’s success with her team, she has also managed to raise over $300,000 for Run For the Cure on her own. Cheryl said “My heartfelt thanks to CLV REALTY GROUP and all of my supporters who donated so generously to the Canadian Cancer Society! I was honored to receive the Determinant Award for the top individual fundraiser for this year’s Run for the Cure in Ottawa. I am also so proud of our women’s survivor team “Just Doing It” for being the recipient of the top women’s fundraising team. Nationally this run raised $13 million for Breast Cancer Research.”


We would like to congratulate Cheryl on her continuous dedication and success within our community.